Artist Statement

I am a printmaker and also a mixed media painter.  I love combining various mediums including collage in my works.  I often use bold color with a strong composition but I don't limit myself to abstracts only.  I paint in oils or acrylics with mixed media. My work is often bold and expressive and I use figures, nature and musical ideas as my subjects.  My art generally develops from memory or imagination.  I love to layer colors and textures.  My philosophy on how I work is all about process and exploring new concepts and making them my own. To paint literally is not my intention and I feel that I am successful if my viewer can come up with their own thoughts and feelings about a piece.  I want to engage them in a visual conversation.  

Noël Sandino- Contemporary Abstracts and Fine Art printmaking

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Your brush dances with color !joy! Playful composition, shape and texture. Wonderful
-- Kathy Sturges, 4/14/19

I love the vibrant color combinations on your canvasses. They make me happy.
-- Nancy Tipton, 4/9/19

Contemporary abstract art. Oil Painting, Acrylic painting, printmaking Contact Noël for sale information 

 Noël SandinoMesilla Park, NM916 224-1245

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