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Wonderful work
-- Cindy Peterson, 12/30/23

Hi Noel, I love your work! Please do put me in your e-newsletter mailing list. Thanks, Lisa
-- Lisa Alden Art, 9/5/22

I really enjoyed seeing your work at the Franciscan Fine Arts Festival. I especially liked how much emotion you were able to convey in your piece "Fledgling" with eyes and posture and color.
-- Lynda St. Clair, 9/4/22

Hello: Please let me know when you are offering more classes. Thanks
-- Beverley Pirtle, 5/18/22

nice work. you have a lovely web.
-- Dorian Clouser, 4/7/22

Great looking site and beautiful work!
-- Carla Bratt, 3/3/21

Hi Noel, Just a short note of thanks for your tutorial on linoleum carving and print making. Your experience, patience and approach is apropos for artist of all levels. You were encouraging and made me feel comfortable as a novice, which to me, is very important. Blackbird Studio is a creative space with all the necessary equipment to produce prints from the simple to the more complicated reduction print. Also, your two puppies, Abby and Bailey, add a real homey atmosphere! Thanks again, I look forward to my next visit. Kind Regards, Allen You
-- Allen Edmonds, 12/21/20

Congratulations, beautiful
-- Marie Dixon, 8/8/20

I love your artwork and the painting "Grow Where You are Planted". I wish you much success with your business
-- Larry Mackey, 8/8/20

-- Karen Currier, 7/17/20

I recently took a private class with Noel. I officially learned the reduction print method, but on the side I learned oh, so much more. Noel is so knowledgeable about everything print related and she shares it freely. I had a great time and consider myself lucky to have met her and can call her my friend.
-- Gabriele Teich, 7/14/20

Just browsing and looking to see what's new on your site. Beautiful work - I need to sell some of mine so I can buy some of yours. Keep it up!
-- Marty Galster, 7/11/20

Mark KertzmanLove your paintings. They make me smile! I wish I could be as free as you are creatively!
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/17/20

You had me at " the bible says... " 珞 you've been truly blessed.  Beautiful work., Noel.
-- Rose Flores , 5/1/19

Love the website!
-- Danny Panasiuk, 5/1/19

Congratulations, beautiful
-- Marie Dixon, 5/1/19

Good to have you in the Tenners!
-- Jan Archey, 4/27/19

Great art. So happy you joined us in New Mexico.
-- Marty Galster, 3/14/19

I really like Noel's paintings and they are even better to see in person! Gorgeous work.
-- Carol Wortner, 3/8/19

Sacramentian instagram fan who would love to share informational ideas
-- Shirley Toback, 5/16/18

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