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Screened Porch Blues  10"x10"
Screened Porch Blues 10"x10"
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Clay Vessels  36"x24"
Clay Vessels 36"x24"
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So Much To Love in the Garden   20"x20"
So Much To Love in the Garden 20"x20"

Reef Madness  30"x40"
Reef Madness 30"x40"
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Nesting    20"x20"
Nesting 20"x20"

Seeds and Sprouts
Seeds and Sprouts

Busting Out
Busting Out

The Garden at 5    20"x20"
The Garden at 5 20"x20"

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I love your pieces! Very nice.
-- Eileen Marcotte, 4/10/18

Noël SandinoComment by Ian MCage on "Composition Key of Blue" oh, that's a very very nice piece. very nice. imo, the color usage is grand...touches of the fast colors -yellow, orange, red,...range of contrast within the work - white to black, and mild muted-ation of the expansives (blue, blue-green)
-- Noël Sandino, 3/24/18

You are one talented artist
-- Pam Nofer, 2/3/18

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